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Afro-Brazilian Dance and Capoeira classes in NYC


Capoeira is a dancer’s fight… It is a gladiator dance… It is a duel of comrades… It is a game, it is a dance, it is a dispute – a perfect symbiosis of force and rhythm, poetry and agility, the only art form where the movements are commanded by music and singing. The submission of the force to the rhythm. From the violence to the melody. The subliming of the antagonisms.


The culture of Brazil is a colorful blend of different ethnicities. The African influences are strongest in the North. Afro-Brazilian dance is full of spontaneous, soulful, exotic, and enerovement that will energize your body and spirit.


Tuesday 7:30pm at
Friday 7:30pm at
Saturday at 4pm at 
Brazilian Dance Classes
Monday 7:30pm at 
Thursday 7:30pm at
Sunday 2:30pm at
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